Manufacturer’s Equipment Manuals

Heart measurements

Polar FT1 Watch

Polar H7 heart rate belt

Polar H10 heart rate belt

Polar R800CX watch for HRV

QRScard 12 lead USB ECG

Cardioline 12 lead ECG

Nonin 9590 pulse oxymeter

Resistance equipment

Cybex VR3 machines in the Resistance Laboratory

Powerhouse fitness Taurus Elite squat rack

Biometrics goniometers

Fittech 400s Ballistic measurement system


Digitimer DS7AH

Magstim 2002

Sun Dyno Pulse Tens Stimulator

Body composition

Bodystat 1500

Scales Marsden M550

Scales Seca 875


Bibby PFP7 Flame photometer

Hamilton Microlab 500 Diluter

Jouan Br4i Centrifuge

Scotsman AF Ice maker

Luminex analyser

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