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You can find more information here about the laboratories in Sport and Exercise Science, the activities you may want to undertake and the hazards you may be exposed to. The contents are intended for sports science teaching and research groups (PENRG, SPARKLE and S3G) and associated visitors.

These pages are in addition to the university health and safety pages. You must read and understand the university policies and procedures before referring to the material here.

University Health and Safety pages

You must not work in the Sport and Exercise Science laboratories without reading the material on this site and going through an induction with the person responsible for all areas you wish to use.

Covid 19

Due to the pandemic additional precautions are required to keep yourself and others safe. The university has online resources with details of how you should act here. As well as general guidance here the government has released guidance for safe work in laboratories here. The HSE has information and guidance here. There are covid related university and faculty risk assessments as well as the local risk assessments and SOPs you can find under the links above.

If you have the misfortune of testing positive for Covid-19. You will need to have a return to work interview with you line manager after self isolation just like any other absence due to illness.

I want to do some Sport and Exercise Science research at Stirling – What should I do?

The process is the same for anyone who wants to do Sports Science work at The University of Stirling.

  • All undergraduate project students
  • All postgraduate students
  • All staff
  • All visitors
  1. Do not commence work until you have been authorised to do so
  2. Read the university guidance and policies and complete any required courses found on The University Health and Safety pages
  3. Talk to your supervisor or line manager about safety and the work you wish to do. Consider the hazards involved in the work and assess any risks. Many day to day activities have risk assessments in the section linked at the top of the page
  4. Contact the person responsible for each of the Laboratories you wish to use. Generally Chris Grigson (ext. 6469) for physiology laboratories and Kerry Bartie (ext. 6297) for cell biology laboratories. They will take you through an induction and check that you have the information you need and any requirements are in place. Anyone undertaking field work, travelling for work or working at another organisation should contact the health and safety officer, Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez (ext. 6098), first
  5. Complete your induction check lists and submit to the safety officer, Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez (ext. 6098), who will give you permission to start work
  6. Regularly review safety requirements and risk assessments, and update your induction checklist if anything changes in your work and at least every two years. Submit reviewed / updated checklists to the safety officer, Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez (ext. 6098).

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