Covid 19 – What you need to do to before you can work other than at home for Sport and exercise science

1) Contact the head of Sport

Contact the the head of Sport and exercise science to inform them if you intend to enter campus buildings or work other than at home.  Send details of your line manager, what work you wish to do, for whom and why..

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2) Complete the university requirements

a) You must complete the WorkRite pandemic safety induction

To access the WorkRite training, please follow these instructions:

  • If you are not on campus log on to to the university VPN
  • Log onto WorkRite by using the link on the Portal front page – shown under the heading ‘My Staff Life’ – ‘I want to…’
  • Then select the ‘Health and Safety Training (WorkRite)’ link
  • Click on the E-learning courses box
  • Complete the Coronavirus – Workplace induction

Please only use this link to access your health and safety training and note that you should not be asked for a password to log into WorkRite. We use the single sign-on facility for this site and you may be locked out if you attempt to use a password. If you do not see the link contact the faculty office to request access.

b) You must read the university risk assessments and follow the guidance:

3) Complete the Faculty requirements

a) You must read the latest faculty risk assessments and complete the faculty induction form

b) Please return your completed faculty induction form

To both and so you are included in the latest access listing. A blank form can be found by following the “Templates” link above.

c) Make sure you register your attendance by following the QR code when you enter any building

Fill in the form. You only need do this once per day. Include all the buildings you intend to visit that day. You can fill the form in at home before or after your visit so long as it is on the same day.

4) Complete the Sport and Exercise Science requirements

a) All the information you need about sport science requirements is on this laboratory health and safety website

b) Read the Covid risk assessments

Read the Covid risk assessments for both Physiology and Biochemistry laboratories and a laboratory safe operating procedure.  Normally these risk assessments are sufficient but if not, you are also required to fill out a risk assessment taking into account Covid hazards specific to the activity.

c) Use the Covid health check questionnaire for any visitor

You must use the Covid health check questionnaire according to the safe operating procedure if working with any visitors such as human participants. All visitors need prior permission from the faculty manager.

d) Fill in or update your Sport Science safety induction form

Submit it to . Remember, the Covid risk assessments are in addition to the other risk assessments associated with any task you are performing.  You must not work in the laboratories or start a new procedure without having gone through an induction with the person responsible for the area in order to identify any requirements.  You must have an up to date Sport Science induction form on file to work in the laboratories.  To work during the pandemic this induction form needs to include the Covid risk assessments in the list. A blank form can be found by following the “Templates” link above.

e) Keep up to date with the current information

The Covid risk assessments and other documents are reviewed on a monthly basis.  Make sure you have read and understood the latest versions before entering campus buildings.

5) Keep up to date with guidance from external organisations

The following and other guidance has been used by the university to come up with a sufficient safety policy during the pandemic.  You should make yourself familiar with these sources and check them regularly for updates.

a) The Scottish government has provided guidance for safe working during the pandemic

There is specific guidance for laboratories

There is guidance for Safer workplaces

There is a video guide for wearing a face mask correctly

b) The Health and Safety Executive has provided guidance

c) The Physiology Society has provided guidance

d) The Faculty of Sports Medicine UK infographic

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